Claims have been made that slumped or textured glass splashbacks are difficult to clean, or that bacteria may get caught in the ripples of the glass. Below are two images of the same sample tile, one from above and one from the side. This sample tile was picked as it is our most textured sample tile.

At first glance it does appear our glass splashbacks do have deep impressions in the glass and would be difficult to clean. But as you can see from the second image the side view, this is just an illusion created by the paints that we have spent years researching and creating to make our painted glass splashbacks truly stunning and unique. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see from the side view image that our glass is very easy to clean, far easier to clean than the conventional tiles that so many homes still have.

Geelong Splashback bronze tree bark sample tile

Bronze Tree Bark Sample Tile

Geelong Splashback Sample tile side view

Slumped Splashback Side View

Not only are our Geelong made splashbacks just as easy to clean as the flat glass ones, we believe they actually have some advantages over some of the other splashbacks on the market.

  • Far more stunning than other splashbacks
  • They are made to order meaning your home is the only one with that exact design and colour
  • Will hide wipe or streak marks when you need to do a quick clean
  • Wont scratch easy like stainless steel or acrylic splashbacks unless your cleaning with diamonds or glass

We truly believe our years of experience makes us a cut above the rest. We custom make all splashbacks in our Geelong factory and make sure the end product is something you would be proud, it will add value and uniqueness to your home, something you will be proud of when you have visitors.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We are more than happy to help.