Our custom made slumped glass art panels add beauty to your home either indoors or outdoors they are durable and last a lifetime. These magnificent once off art pieces designed upon request to match their surroundings. This makes them the talking point of many indoor, alfresco and garden spaces.

Identify your space, have an idea of the size of art work you want and concept a design starting point then simply email us that information and within 48hrs we will have a quote emailed back to you.

Split Glass Art Wall Panel Melbourne
Split Panel
Multicolour Glass Art Panel Geelong
Multicolour Panel
Transparent art panel in Melbourne with a platypus and turtle
Transparent Blue
Stunning glass panels designed by a local artist
Three Panels
Internal transparent art panel with feet and running waterhole
Clear Art Panel
Grovedale Hotel panel with fairy lights behind
Fairy Lights
Multicolour possum skin cloak - Geelong
Possum Skin Cloak
Barwon Hospital Red and Blue Art Panels - Geelong
Barwon Hospital
Alfresco Glass Art Panel - Bellarine Peninsula
Alfresco Art Panel
Feature glass art panel in door entry
Wall art
Divider Art Panel
Divider Glass
Bronze Split
Transparent Blue
Glass Divider
Clear Art Panel
Glass Art Panel
Work Safe Glass
Painted Blue
Multiple Panels
Split Panel
Round Panel
Mark Edwards