Don’t like people looking down your hallway when you open your door? – Want privacy? – But need you need light to shine through!

Then slumped glass will fit your needs perfectly, the designs / textures in slumped glass defuses and reflects light in all directions therefore obscuring the image behind the glass, it’s the perfect privacy glass but great for letting light through.

We have a large range of patterns / texture glass and we also offering a custom made design options to meet your needs.

Images below are just a sample of some of the door and window glass that we have produced over the years.

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Massive glass window with spirit people and running waterhole design

Spirit People Window

Multiple indigenous windows for an alfresco area

Alfresco Windows

Indigenous Glass Internal Divider Wall and Doors

Glass Doors

Stunning side glass for timber door

Side Lights

Child care center glass with a painted rainbow.

Painted Glass

Our artistic slumped glass windows in a chapel

Chapel Windows

Internal view of the chapel windows

Chapel Internal

Stunning slumped glass beside a door

Side Glass

Gum leaf window

Gum Leaf

Laser Cut Design

Laser Cut Design